St. Thomas Parish

Fr. Anthony Abraz

Parish Priest
281/2 VII G94, Post Office Lane, Malir, Karachi 75050


This is the most recently parish established in the archdiocese of Karachi on 01st Jan, 1990. It was earlier part of St. John’s Parish Drigh Road which was an extensive parish. In order that the work in the Parish may be effective more smoothly. Malir was separated from Drigh Road However, at present the priest of the 2 parishes will reside at Drigh Road, the present Parish House.

This Parish, as such, is already well established. The F.M.M. are here since March 1958 in the convent of Notre Dame de Lourdes. In the same year in November 1958 the Noviciate of the F.M.C.K. sisters was established in Malir with the opening of Rosary Convent.

There are a number of schools in the different ilaqqas catering to the needs of the parishioners. In the field of health there is a clinic at Lourdes Convent run by the F.M.M. Sisters. Here dialogue with non-Christians is maintained. A carpet centre and a retreat house is also run by the sisters.

St. Bernadelt Parish covering the area of Bhanse Colony, which was being looked after by Fr. Anjou Soares, is now merged with St. Thomas’ Parish.

The Pastrol Work of the Parish is taken care of by various organization and the pastrol team who work together to bring harmony in the Parish.

Areas within the Parish

  1. Malir Colony
  2. Malir Cannt
  3. Malir-Leely Colony
  4. Steel Town
  5. Malir Khokrapar
  6. Bhanse Colony


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