ST. Paul's Parish

Fr. Benjamin Shahzad

Parish Priest
No. 74-N, Block 6, PECHS, Karachi – 75460


St. Paul Parish was established in June 1969. Earlier it was part of St. Anthony parish. The population in this parish is ever on the increase. In fact, population wise this is the biggest Parish of the archdiocese. The biggest concentration of families being in the areas like Azam Basti, Akhtar Colony and Purana Mahmudabad. 99% of these families are urdu speaking from the Punjab. At present the parish boundaries extends from Kalapul to Baluch Colony with sever churches and five other main catholic centres.

The pastoral team comprising of the Fathers, Sisters, the Catechists and a few lay people along with various organization i.e. the 6 Sunday schools, choir groups and a band of young men help in the effective running of the parish.

Areas within the Parish

  1. Azam Basti
  2. Azam Town
  3. New Azam Basti
  4. Akhtar Colony
  5. Kashmir Colony
  6. Baluch Colony
  7. Purana Mahmudabad
  8. Hazara Colony
  9. Manzoor Colony Sec-E
  10. Manzoor Colony Sec-C
  11. Liaquat Ashraf Colony
  12. Defence Society


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