Fr. Ryan Joseph

St. Patrick’s Cathedral - Sharah-e-Iraq, Saddar, Karachi – 74400



St. Patrick’s parish, located in Saddar is one of the oldest parishes in the country. It celebrated its centenary in 1978. Its history is a commentary on the events of the last 110 years and it has witnessed the grandeur of the British in their hey days, and political changes in 1947. The parish has been a silent observer of all that followed in the wake of independence and the birth of a new country Pakistan.

The parish comprises both Urdu and English-speaking families. Today there are about 850 families belonging to the parish. The many organizations in the parish keep it alive. Altar boys, prayer group, Sodality, Legion of Mary, Social welfare omen’s Sodality, Choir groups, Concanim Group, Bible Study.

Areas within the Parish

  1. Body Gaurd
  2. Miani Lines
  3. Kala Pul
  4. Pir Bukhari
  5. Cantt Tablea
  6. Sau (100) Qts – Jutlaid Lines
  7. Supply Depot
  8. Misc


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