Fr. Robinson Samuel

Parish Priest
Hussain-D’Silva Town, Block P, North Nazimabad, Karachi-74700


The actual origin of St. Jude’s Parish goes back to 16 Sept, 1951 when the spiritual care of a small number of Punjabi Catholics located in Lalukhet was entrusted to the Franciscan Fathers of the Friary. In 1956 there were about 500 such families.

The emergence of families Hussain-d’Silva Township in 1960 brought about 175 English speaking to the township, in Block-P, North Nazimabad and St. Jude’s became a flourishing Parish, with a lot of activities. After the rush for migration abroad the English community greatly diminished and now in 1990 there are only about 15 families left in the township.

During this period to date there has been a continuous influx of Punjabi Catholic families, forming new colonies in far flung areas of the parish, resulting in the division and creation of a new parish of St. Philip’s in March 1977.

Areas within the Parish

  1. Siraj Colony
  2. Majahid Colony
  3. Paharganj
  4. Mianwali Colony
  5. Jalabad
  6. Kausar Niazi Colony
  7. Nasri Colony
  8. Bara Maidan
  9. Qasba Metroville
  10. Godhra Camp


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