Fr. Nazar Nawab

Parish Priest
Drigh Road, Karachi-75350


The history of St. John Parish goes as far back as June 1933, when a group of Punjabi Christians from Drigh Road requested the Spanish Jesuits to be admitted into the Catholic Church. Shortly after this initial meeting they were instructed and under the able guidance of Fr. Felix Pinto 70 persons made their Profession of Faith at a Sunday Service in August 1933 at St. Patrick’s Church.

In the same year 1933, St. John Primary School was established, and Fr. Felix Pinto began coming regularly from St. Patrick’s Church to teach and Catechesis the people. In 1935 Fr. Alcquin took charge of Drigh Road Mission & in 1941 the new Parish of St. John was created. In 1945 the Fathers began residing at Drigh Road and the R.C. Lines Housing Project was started accommodating 40 catholic families in these new homes.

In 1951 the F.M.C.K. Sisters launched out into Drigh Road and built their convent and within a few years’ time in April 1954, the Blessing of St John Church took place.

In the field of education Archbishop Joseph Cordeiro laid the first milestone in 1963, with the establishment of St. John Secondary School for Girls. The pastrol work of the parish is taken care of by various organizations working in very effectively in the Parish.

In January 1990, a major part of the parish was carved into St. Thomas – Malir

Areas within the Parish

  1. Drigh Road
  2. Drigh Colony
  3. Green Town
  4. Dalmia
  5. Dairy Farm
  6. Pehlvvan Goth and Old Area
  7. Airport


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