Fr. Arthur Charles

Parish Priest
21, McNeil Road, Karachi 75530


St. Anthony’s parish was established in 1937. It originated from a little home and since than has expanded tremendously, especially in 70’s it rose from 400 to what it is today, there are about 11,000 parishioners.

In June 1969, a part of the parish was carved into St. Paul’s – Mehmoodabad.

St. Anthony’s is known to be a mini shrine of Archdiocese where devotion to Mary and the Patron saint are regularly held. The youth groups, the Legion or Mary and the St. Vincent de Paul society are very active in maintaining the Christ like spirit in the Parish.

Areas within the Parish

  1. Depot 16
  2. Naval Quarter
  3. Punjab Colony
  4. Basra Lines
  5. Reti Lines
  6. Dilawar Camp
  7. Shereen Jinnah
  8. Joomeri Colony
  9. Intelligent School
  10. P.N.T. Colony
  11. Ghazi Nagar
  12. Dehli Colony
  13. KMC Clifton
  14. Larkana Colony
  15. Railway Colony
  16. State Bank
  17. Shah Rasul Colony
  18. Lasbela Compound
  19. General Colony


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