Fr. Gul Shehzad

Parish Priest
Andrews Road, Keamari, Karachi – 75620
021-3278-3031 (St. Patrick’s Cathedral)


In 1922 the original church was constructed on a plot of land granted K.P.T. Before this there was no resident priest but a priest from St. Patrick’s Church would come for Sunday mass. The population of the parish at that was about 200 families which included, Europeans, Anglo-Indians, Goans and Punjabi families.

In December 1969, the church building caught fire and had to be demolished and within six months a new and beautiful church was erected. The number of Europeans, Anglo-Indians, Goans has decreased considerably due to emigration to other parishes and countries in the west. But still the number families have maintained the same number due to the influx of the people from the Punjab. Now The parish is quite active in social work with the existence of three conferences of the St. Vincent De Paul society.

Areas within the Parish

  1. K.P.T. Flats
  2. Railway Colony
  3. P.N. Rahbar
  4. Kacchi Lines
  5. K.M.C. Compound
  6. Light House
  7. P.N. Himalaya
  8. K.P.T. Hospital
  9. Port Department
  10. MES Qrs.


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