Fr. Tariq Rehmat

Parish Priest
Dadabhai Nauroji Road, Catholic Colony No. 2, Karachi -74800
021-3278-3031 (St. Patrick’s Cathedral)


The beginnings of the parish are to be found in the establishing of the Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King Convent in 1937, 10th August, in the newly started Catholic Colony No. 2. Their Chapel served the small colony. The chapel became a church with the establishment of St. Philomena’s parish in 1954.

When the Saint’s name was deleted from the Church’s Calendar in 1962, Cardinal Joseph Cordeiro changed the name of the Chruch and the Parish to Christ the King Chruch and Parish. When the Federal Capital was shifted to Islamabad, the population of the parish also began to dwindle from about 6000 to about a 1000 in 1989 when ownership flats began to be available in other parts of the city and as migration to other countries continues.

Areas within the Parish

  1. Catholic Colony
  2. Societies East
  3. Societies West
  4. University Road
  5. Gulshan-e-Iqbal (to the National Stadium side of the University Road)


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